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a film by Jeremy Glaholt

Short Synopsis:


Sitting on a park bench along the Landwehr Canal, Gia observes the city life as she awaits her curious encounter; a rendezvous in a series of physical interactions that slowly changes the way she sees herself.  With an online dating profile she utilizes the anonymity of new and unfamiliar surroundings to explore a side of her sexuality that she never imagined existed. The film “Catch” explores the intricacies that arise when someone attempts to both explore and control their sexuality.  In Berlin, Gia finds a newfound sexual independence gained from the anonymity of her online persona.  While driving her creativity it also pushes her deeper into isolation and an almost agoraphobic existence.  This is all questioned when she crosses paths with Yusuke.


Directors Bio:


Jeremy Glaholt graduated from San Diego State University in 2002 with a degree in Film, Television and New Media.  He currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a Director and Cinematographer on a variety of projects including Narrative, Documentary, and Music videos.  With an interest in collaboration and travel, Jeremy is deeply committed to projects that push the boundaries of visual exploration.


He recently spent 6 months in Berlin, Germany at the GlogauAIR artist-in-residency program.  There he produced and shot his short film, Catch.  Shortly after principle photography, he was invited to the PlusCamerimage cinematography festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland to take part in their talent demo.  Upon returning to Los Angeles he began work with long time friend and collaborator Ken Roht, as cinematographer on his feature film Perfect Cowboy.  He has recently had the opportunity to travel to Fordlandia, Brazil in the northern Amazon to work with video/installation artist Clarrisa Tossin on her project Streamlined.  Collaborating with this artist as a cinematographer for what will be a video installation, Jeremy traveled from Brazil to northern Michigan to capture the aftermath of Henry Fords small town, Americana vision. Most recently, Jeremy finished his third feature film as Second Unit Director of Photography, which is due to release later this year. 

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