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We are proud to announce a new, non-competitive section at the Camerimage Film Festival - TALENT DEMO SHOWCASE! 

We figured it would be nice to provide our Talent Demo participants with a chance to show their completed film projects to the world. We are happy that taking part in the program helped them finish what they started and it’s our pleasure to support them with that extra bit of international film festival exposure. 

The first-ever film screened as part of Talent Demo Showcase will be a short entitled Catch by Jeremy Glaholt. 

Read on below for more about the film, Jeremy’s experience with Talent Demo and take a look at the Catch trailer!


Jeremy wrote, produced, and directed Catch, while on hiatus from Los Angeles and living in Berlin. Inspired by the new landscape, he was drawn to a more minimalistic approach to filmmaking in order to create an intimate tone. With a smaller crew, the environment allowed the actors space to further explore their characters and take risks. Shortly after principle photography, Glaholt was accepted to Talent Demo at the 2012 Camerimage film festival. 

When meeting the famous editor Alan Heim through the Talent Demo Jeremy asked him how to seam together a complex narrative with very little dialogue in such a small amount of time. Alan challenged him to first try cutting it to its very literal meaning and then build from there. Along with this he generously offered up his personal email for Jeremy to contact him if he had any questions. 

Jeremy: “One of the things that makes this festival so unique is the feeling that everyone is equal within it. No matter the status or fame of the person attending Camerimage we are all filmmakers drawn to this festival through our passion for the craft. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and the generosity of Mr. Heim and his colleagues were imperative to bring Catch to its completion.” 


22nd Camerimage will be held in Bydgoszcz from the 15th through 22nd Nov 
More about Bydgoszcz can be found here: 


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